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Yearbook 2022-23 | Pilar Kaltzada Gonzalez, Niko Cuenca Beristain, Maite Reizabal Arregi, Karolina Sainz de Bikuña Irigoien, Iraia Oteiza Jauregi eta Borja Lopez Cárdenas (EnpresaBIDEA komunikabideko lantaldea)

EnpresaBIDEA is a digital media in Basque specialising in economy and enterprise. First published on April 25, 2022, it has an informative and explanatory vocation. It arises from the encounter between the point of view of experts and journalism. It is a medium written in digital media, the newspaper, in which the main reports or interviews are combined in day to day with opinion and today. Its objective is to make visible and cohesive the ecosystem of the Basque economy and the business world, as well as to disseminate the variety of media of the Basque Country.

Among its values are: to have a contrasted voice, to work sincerely, to offer quality content, to guarantee diversity, to promote cooperation, to bring the economic and business world closer by making it understandable and interesting, and to contribute to the creation of the Basque media ecosystem.

It currently has about seven members, journalism, communication and marketing, and economic profile. Of these, approximately half is concentrated in the project and the other half is combined with other works. In addition, it has a large network of collaborators working both as opinion authors, journalists and other experts.

Legally it is a limited liability company (S. L.), and its main source of funding is advertising, together with partnerships with stakeholders. In other words, it currently has the same financing system as traditional means.

The written digital journal is free for the reader and can be read on the link of Empresa Social .eus. The subscription is also free of charge and is carried out through the newsletter, in which the insertions are inserted into the mailbox that you can receive each day.

Origin and background

Before April 2022, there were two main types of sources of economic information in Euskera: on the one hand, the generalist media, in which information related to the economy is combined with news and articles from other topics, and, on the other hand, specialized publications, especially with topics addressed to experts. But halfway through there was a gap in journalism and information specialized in these issues. THE COMPANY started with the aim of changing this.

However, this new medium has a precedent that has been indispensable for the structure of the project: VIA Empresa. This digital medium emerged in 2013 in Catalonia, being the first digital publication specialized in economic and business issues. It is also born of the local dimension, promoted by the local media company of TOTUM Media Sant Cugat, with the objective of carrying out a substantive economic journalism and analysis, marking topics on the public agenda and offering a broad vision of the economy.

VIA Empresa is one of the partners of EnpresaBIDEA. It also works in infrastructure and design. In fact, he started collaborating with them about a year of culinary activity, until the project became more and more unique and saw the public light on 25 April 2022. Both media therefore share the basic structure of business, but they are independent editions in every sense.


The economic agent is all citizenship. Receive the payroll, pay the mortgage or rent and other expenses, and decide where or how to buy. This approach is the foundation of entrepreneurship. In this sense, it aims to bring the economy closer and domesticate with the reader, from the perception that something can be strange or incomprehensible to the understanding that it is part of their daily life.

It also aims to be a tool for meeting and cohesion of Basque companies and the entrepreneurship system, as well as to make their diversity visible. In addition to large companies, the medium aims to give visibility to medium-sized, small and micro-enterprises, as well as to entrepreneurs. It also seeks to include in the front line companies operating in economic activities such as health, sustainability, the circular economy, food, culture, energy or sport, beyond industry.

In this sense, it intends to be an open space, with the objective of guaranteeing the vocation of service and diversity. In this sense, it seeks to energize the creative and recipient community.

Obviously, the Basque country is the axis of the project. Beyond the desire to be an identity element of the project and to be a stimulus for the normalization of the Basque country, the dissemination of language in the socioeconomic sphere is essential for the media, making good practices visible.

Topics and sections

To offer this approach, the media combine cross-sectional or cross-sectional sections with specialised sections. The cross-sections define in some way the themes and general lines of work of the media: economy, finance, companies — today Companies —, entrepreneurship — Ekinez, innovation, energy, sustainability and economic activity linked to leisure — Lan and bizi. Other sub-sections such as mobility, sport and pensions are included in each.

The sections are part of these cross-sections but offer a different view, with a fixed frequency. Currently in operation:

  • Review: Monday to Friday, each day an opinion is published. To this end,  EnpresaBIDEA has a large network of creators that grows with the aim of collecting all kinds of sounds related to the economy, the company, innovation or sustainability.
  • Models: examples of companies engaged in various activities, which in some way can be exemplary, for example from the point of view of management, the development of a particular product or the impact it may have on a given territory. Weekly.
  • Technology: collects weekly reports related to technological innovation and the world of applications.
  • In short, it collects in-depth interviews every two weeks with different actors in the ecosystem, whether from companies, unions, institutions or associations.
  • Because it was, every two weeks, it addresses stories, stories, experiences, etc. to assess the contribution of businesses and people related to business projects. To do so, it makes the leap to the creation of companies and the context of the time.
  • In depth, it offers expert articles, offering a comprehensive analysis, with a monthly frequency.
  • Investment corner: exchange and analysis related to markets on a monthly basis.
  • Domesticating the economy: it aims to offer a tool to bring together the concepts and elements that are part of the daily life of each. For example, reading the payroll or understanding the tax system.
  • On the other hand, EnpresaBIDEA has specific sections of each time linked to events that may be relevant to the Basque ecosystem, such as the Biennial of Tools, Euskaraldia or Bertso Txapelketa Nagusia.

Rikardo Arrangi Award (and other achievements)

On 30 November 2022, seven months after its publication, EnpresaBIDEA received the Rikardo Arrangi Communication Award at an event held at the Bastero Cultural Center. The objective of this award is to reward those communication projects that have taken or can take “innovative steps” in communication in Basque. The jury highlighted "the contribution it is making for the business and economic world to be published in Euskera and from Euskera [...], covering a very evident gap in this field". He also highlighted in the newspaper the ‘diversity of opinions’ and the ‘presence of women’.

The prize, besides recognition, has been a bellows for the project. On the one hand, it has given it visibility and allowed to increase the number of readers and followers in networks. On the other hand, it motivates the work team along the same path and to continue improving, besides affecting the suitability of the project itself.

In parallel, the media has had other achievements. She has published about 950 articles and between April and December, both included, she has been a fixed daily reader from 400 to 550. Most readers access EnpresaBIDEA from Monday to Friday, from the computer and in working hours, and on weekends they have between 250 and 350 fixed readers. He has earned over 1,000 followers on Twitter and over 500 followers on LinkedIn.

And now what?

The project aims to combine short-term objectives and challenges with medium- and long-term objectives. Currently, EnpresaBIDEA is in the process of completing the stabilisation and transition to the growth phase. It aims to expand the receptor community by enhancing diffusion work. In addition, one of the keys to the coming months will be the implementation of new paragraphs, such as those on economic terminology or economic alliances. It is part of this vocation to offer a broad view of the economy and to contribute from the Basque country.

Likewise, another of the main challenges is to keep getting closer to the business and economic fabric of the territory of the Basque Country, to incorporate their voices into the project and to explore new avenues of collaboration. Here it will be very important to do special work with the views of the companies and the various agents of Araba, Navarra and Iparralde, and to continue to increase those of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa.

In addition, it will continue to work to ensure other diversities. In particular, another objective will be to further enhance the presence of women so that their presence in the opinion section is reflected in all other sections of the media.

Along with this, another key will be to strengthen collaboration with VIA Empresa to work on shared themes and interact with the territories. This collaboration will be essential if the project is to continue to grow. Moreover, it can become your hallmark of identity.

In the short term, moreover, the media intends to make the leap to other social networks. From the beginning it has been on Twitter and LinkedIn, and since mid-November on Facebook, but its next goals are Instagram and Telegram. Furthermore, in the medium term, it aims to explore new forms of communication that relate it, as far as possible, to audiovisual communication.

In the future,  EnpresaBIDEA seeks to be a reference digital communication medium in the Basque territory, in the economic and business world. This has been the vision of the company from the beginning and its objective is to continue along the same lines. In addition, as mentioned above, it will work with the intention of encouraging the normalization of the Basque country in the socioeconomic sphere.