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Yearbook 2020 | Aintzane Ariztegi Barrenetxe (KLAK gazte ahotsa)

Klak Gazte Ahotsa is a new communication project among the young people of the Basque Country. The Basque youth has been developing juvenile communication projects for years. Klak follows a school that has gone through different experiences. The first project was the "Gaztesarea", followed by the "Topatu", an antenna with a trajectory of ten years.


Klak is confirmed in the necessary idea of a young communicative project. Not only to have the ability to see the world from the eyes of young people, but also so that young people can speak with their own voice.

The stigma of ignorance and mental frivolity has often fallen in young generations. A project like Klak shows that when we talk, we know what we mean. That young people live by learning, but as people of all ages, in everyday learning.

For example, we understand the development of a communication project as an instrument for the empowerment of young people. Our voice is often replaced in mainstream media because adults know our needs and desires better than we do. We live in an adult-led world, although the future seems to be young. We are clear: ‘If we are to build the future, we need the voice’, as we pointed out in the presentation video.

We focus on self-management and neighborhood work. Klak is a collective project that seeks to promote the participation of youth, but also with that which it needs. Klak"s job will be to reach those silenced, but it will also be key to see the silenced as a means to talk about the world. That"s a big challenge.

It is evident that a project of communicative youth has to respond on the horizon to the needs of the youth of the time. The reception received and the referentiality obtained have been a sign that previous projects identified and addressed the needs of young people at every moment. Klak therefore now has the task of identifying the needs of today’s young people and developing tools to meet them.



There is a gap in the media landscape. Youth has been opened and developed a new life space, the world of social networks. It is often said that there has been a democratization of information; we can also interpret the picture as informative chaos. Every day we collect thousands of images and data on social media. Klak will be responsible for channelling and providing young people with orderly information.

We young people have some common intrigues, maybe it"s a generational issue. Although we receive information from networks, the main reason for access is usually related to entertainment. Therefore, Klak must include this function together with the generation of lighter content.

When we talk about the intrigues of young people, we refer to the themes that young people bring together: the young world. Look from the focus of young people when dealing with any topic. But also to address those issues that we feel close to youth. We can put several examples on the table: ligar, drugs, party, sexuality, education…

These may be issues that have been worked on so far, but the way in which they work is the key. For example, from the moment when young people are not mentioned in the first person, the ideas that arise lose truthfulness. This is once again the need for first-hand information. However, we are not only talking about protagonists, but also about how to speak: language, registration, means of spreading the message… Freshness is the key.

The strength of the Mass media today is very high. In order for a project such as Klak to stand in front of them there must be ambition (although the limitations are large). In short, one of the objectives is to promote the criticity of young people, and to do so we have to put our mouths in the place that these media have occupied, so that young people can settle in Klak.

As a country, we also have a big challenge. Strengthen the reference of Euskal Herria, reinforcing the national vision. Spread the voice of young people throughout the Basque Country, trying to focus the eyes of those who are on the margins. Because youth is not homogeneous and it is time to strengthen the voices of the margins and decentralize the centers.




That song that said "Video killed the radio star" was right. If no audiovisual content is currently generated, it does not have the potential to have a significant impact on the public. The heart of the Klak project is a weekly program that initially takes the form of a podcast. But it cannot be limited to that.

This program gives meaning, one axis, continuity. From there they start videos, interactions or other content that come to life on social networks. We are talking about two contents that feed each other, but also about pylds that can be consumed freely. Everyone with their audience, but everyone is part of the same project.

In the current communication chaos, the public is very dispersed. Everyone has their own social networks: Facebook, the older ones, the fans of debate and Twitter salsa, the young Instagram, the frikis Twitch and the younger Tik Tok. Each of them has a different audience and, in turn, offer different possibilities when generating content. In Tik Token, for example, only videos can be uploaded and not more than 30 seconds. Therefore, it is necessary to know the possibilities and limitations offered by each network so that the content generated is logical in each of these channels.

There are 11 small characteristics that must be taken into account when creating content on social networks: continuity, format, hours, algorithms, content sharing, interaction, proximity… Success is not easy. The key is continuous improvement. Try new ways and never limit the content that the project can generate.


It is essential to be informed of the new ways in the audiovisual world. For this, the author does not have to read ten books, but to know the field in which he wants to act. To know what Instagram’s trendy content is, you have to have an Instagram account and spend time on it.


In the social media landscape, the distinction between all contents and access to care is especially important. To do so, the content generated must be striking. And how do you do it?

  1. For videos, adapted to current consumption habits. Looking for ease when consuming. That"s why our initial big bet has been to make videos in vertical format, because we understand that mobile is the main tool that young people today use to move around the networks. In parallel, the use of subtitles has been chosen. Because consuming videos isn"t just a way to make them more inclusive, it"s a way to see them without sound. In the case of videos, the key is in the entries and actions after each play, to this theme they call engagement. However, to attract and maintain the attention of the viewer in the first few seconds is often an objective that every author should bear in mind.
  2. Music has been another key. Music marks style and rhythm in audiovisual media. It makes it more attractive and relieves the burden of content. It gives it a style, quieter, harder… and also an identity. For klak, trap music is often used. Trap is a txapela with different rhythms and styles that allow us to move comfortably within that identity.
  3. The development of an identity is very important. Create a brand, distinctive and original. This can be obtained from the type letter, characteristic colors, composition of images... But you also do everything that"s generated. In the case of clak, by stamp.
  4. Although all the above points are important, the most important element is the ambition to be brave and breaker in determining all of them. As has already been said, with a margin of flexibility and a desire for progressive breakdown.

In short, it"s about aesthetics. And it is essential that a draft communication takes this into account.


There are two axes between the contents that Klak creates as a project at the moment: podcast programs and the contents of social networks. Despite what has been said so far, and as a recent project, it gradually presents the ambition of deepening and broadening its contents.


It is a programme that is broadcast on a weekly basis. It is disseminated through different platforms so that the possibilities for receiving the product are not limited. The program can be heard on platforms such as Spotify, Ivoox or Google Podcast. In collaboration with the Rosa Radio Network, there is a possibility for the broadcasters that are part of the network to convert Klak podcasts into part of their broadcasts, thereby collecting content.


Each session consists of different sections.


  • The current section, which in addition to a quick review of the weekly news, allows us to place the session in time.
  • In the Fangos: it is a section dedicated to working in different formats for 15 minutes a theme located in the youth world. Round table, report or other form, in which space will be approached from the perspective of one of the most burning issues, such as sexting, student problems, criminalization of young people, youth precariousness…
  • Claqueta: is a section dedicated to young creators. A space to approach young creatives in different disciplines and a window for them. Klaketa aims to visualize the dimensions of youth creation, also with 15 minutes extension.
  • Kakotx Artean: it would be the opinion section, where Klak offers young people a space to talk about any topic. They can be very deep themes (heteronorma, sense of life…) or more specific criticisms: a television program, an initiative, an attitude… In short, a place of free expression.

Each session will be extended between half an hour and 45 minutes. A good length of way to class to listen during food, shower and preparation...




Also on a weekly basis. Twitter and Instagram mainly. At the beginning of the week we conducted surveys on the subject that will be worked in depth, in order to generate a desire to know in the public. Every Wednesday we open the new podcast and at the afternoon of the same day we review the weekly news on the networks. To end the week, following the same line as the podcast, we distribute a video of each episode on the networks. As additional content.

One of the objectives is for klak networks to have their own life. Ability to generate other content outside the podcast. And also putting forces in networks like Tik Tok. Here we are. So be attentive to the networks and #EginKlak!